Monday, March 8, 2010

First Post

Hey all. Thanks (again) to Sam for the invite, and starting this. I am excited about the few artists I already see here, and I coincidentally am starting now to draw more women than before, so this feels right.

What I see as attractive in women is a broad spectrum... it is not always (actually, rarely) reflected in my work. My work is frequently simple, cartoony, exaggerated and designed. I sometimes render simple portraits and sometimes draw extremely exaggerated caricatures. In that respect, you'll see lots of different styles, but overall the appeal of the drawing and the character will most likely come first.

To kick it off, here's a sketch I did just over a year ago, but recently colored because it represents a direction I'm looking to go with "my women". I hope you enjoy it:


Anthony Diecidue said...

Hey Joe! Welcome. I look forward to seeing your stuff here!

Attractive Art Community said...

I'm too glad you decided to join the community Joe! cool drawing! She looks like a young Kim Basinger!

Chris Wahl said...

Good to have you aboard, Joe! Great start.